A fishy smelling vagina could mean thrush

Life is not easy for us girls and we can suffer all sorts of common health problems. A few weeks ago, just after I had come back from holiday, I thought that my vagine smelt “fishy”. I know that it sounds funny, but I have never had thrush before, so i panicked a bit. Many of the girls here at London escorts have suffered with thrush, and explained what i needed to do. After I had taken the treatment, I started to look into what thrush is all about. To my surprise, I soon found out that it may have been caused by my nylon knickers.

Most of the other girls here at Cheap London escorts always wear cotton knickers when they travel to warm countries. I should really have talked to the other girls here at London escorts before I packed my bag. I have to admit that I often wear nylon knickers. I like the feel of them, but I suppose I am going to have to take the advice of my friends here at London escorts, it is better to wear cotton knickers.

Another thing that can cause thrush is excess consumption. I did not think that I had eaten that much ice cream or anything like that, but like my friend Cindy at London escorts says, wine and beer is packed with sugar as well. I had forgotten as well, and I must admit that I had really been celebrating my break away from London escorts with too much drink. Having learned my lesson, I have now promised myself to cut down on my wine and beer intake. I think that will make a difference.

Also certain fruits are associated with thrush. Theresa, one of the girls here at cheap London escorts, never drinks pineapple juice or eats pineapple. Apparently the bromelain contained in the fruit can cause thrush and it is best to try to avoid that if you get thrush easily. Another one of the girls here at cheap London escorts says that oranges can cause thrush as well, and you are better of drinking mandarin grapefruit juice. I think that I am going to be careful with that as well.

Fortunately, there are some easy remedies on the market for thrush and many work within 24 hours. Some of my friends here at cheap London escorts recommend natural remedies, but according to my friend Annie, they do not work quickly enough. Thrush can get into your bloodstream very easily and cause problems on a long term basis. It is best to visit your doctor or buy an effective over the counter treatment. It is not going to kill you, but if you get thrush in your bowels, you may experience unpleasant symptoms for many years and it is hard to treat. Always best to use a safe remedy as recommended by medical professionals. After all, it is very unpleasant and you should not try to have sex when you have it as you can pass on the problem to your partner.…

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Women often worry about having a loose vagina. Some women are even referred to as either being tight or being loose. This is not necessarily a reference to a woman’s personality, but instead it refers to her vagina. If it is too loose, it causes problems with sexual activity and it usually reduces pleasure. In fact, a woman who is struggling with a loose vagina often has a reduced sense of feeling in the area, making it far more difficult for her to orgasm. This in turn can cause a whole host of problems associated with the overall health of the relationship itself, all because a woman is unable to express her sexual bliss at the right time. Fortunately, there are several things that can help tighten a vagina back up, often to a level that far more closely resembles the days of her youth.

How Can You Make a Vagina Tighter?

There are actually several ways that you can do this. Some of the methods involve treatment with creams designed to make the vagina tighten. However, there are other ways to achieve the same results. In reality, there are a lot of ways that a woman can combat vaginal looseness that are just as effective as these specially designed creams. In some cases, the alternative methods are actually far more effective than anything else. It really comes down to the individual in question and the methods that person prefers to use.

Non-Surgical Ways to Tighten a Vagina

Many women fear that they will be forced to face surgery in order to get results, especially when they find themselves in a situation where their vagina has become especially loose. The good news is that surgery is an option, but it is rarely necessary. More often than not, the condition can be corrected naturally. A loose vagina happens because of many reasons. It might be genetic or it could be due to things like childbirth, stress incontinence, or even severe, repeated physical strain. Correcting the problem could be as simple as taking the right herbal supplements or even doing some exercises that are specially designed to help tighten the vagina effectively.

In short, the most important thing a woman must remember is that a loose vagina does not constitute a need for panic. It does require action, but the condition can often be reversed without resorting to surgery. This in turn allows a woman to enjoy sex more, and it makes it easier for her to orgasm.

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